The oceans to be cross’d, the distant brought near, the lands to be welded together

This is just to say that Anne, Annette, and I have arrived in Delhi, without much cause for concern, about 24 hours ago. The flight was a nonstop, 14 hr trek, but between the 230 in-flight movie choices, reading a Cosmo, and listening to Old Crow Medicine Show on my iPod, time passed quickly and I had little concept that at any moment we were 37,000 feet about the Atlantic, Russia, Afghanistan.

We have comfortable accommodations in the craziest part of the city. Last night we fell asleep to the alternating cattle moos and cartoon honking of rickshaws and bicycles. We’re staying near the heart of the city, in comfortable but certainly budget accommodations. Today we got our fix of local food and bearings, and tonight we will sleep off the rest of our jet lag.

My internet connection is spotty at best, and the power frequently cuts out in the whole building, so my post from here on out may be infrequent and retroactive in their content. What I can say is that India is intimidating , yes, but manageable, and English is available from every mouth, even the mango street vendor, who says “Hello” to show that he, too, knows one little bit of the language. But already it seems like a façade of ease, because lurking behind every phrase is a Hindi turn of the tongue.

I am enjoying the trip immensely, despite the layer of dust and grim already covering my body even after a day. Every particle of my skin is being assimilated, it seems. It’s still difficult to wrap my mind around the distance from home and different in culture, as assaulting as the colors, smells, and noises are at all hours. That I am here to stay and to survive is more definite when written than realized.


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5 responses to “The oceans to be cross’d, the distant brought near, the lands to be welded together

  1. Aubrey

    You are the biggest bamf ever. That is all.

  2. katie, love… i have been gloriously unconnected of late but i just copied and pasted all of your entries to a word document because i am venturing to a place sans internet and i want to take time to read them. i am going to rainy wales tonight to stay in an old stone farmhouse and i plan to read all about your adventures from there. i am very, very, very excited and i love you very much and hope that all is wonderfully well.

  3. Audra

    Three things. Number one: remember when we sat in Java Break for three hours and all I could think of was Walt Whitman, magic, and Passage to India? Well, I’m glad two of the three made it on here. Number two: OCMS equals love. Number three: uncategorized? But your categories are my fav part! That’s a bit of an exaggeration. But they’re the cherry on top anyways.

  4. Jackie

    It sounds like you’re already having a great adventure! Are you taking video?

  5. I always felt acutely aware of my inadequacies at the local language when I was traveling. When people who sell things on street corners can speak your language and you can’t speak theirs, what does that make you?
    I look forward to the retroactive posts. I would end up posting about ten entries at once, just desperate to share it all.
    I am glad to read you like plane journeys—I love them. I am always jealous of the air India people who go on from London! It’s ultimate me-time!

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