We can stop telling people we are from Canada

Well, Anne and I have made it the University of Hyderabad, finally. Hyderabad is much more developed than North India from what we can tell. I have seen entire apartment complexes here, as opposed to the people sleeping on the unfinished roofs across from our hotel in Delhi. Business is contained to actual sidewalks, not the middle of the road. The edges of buildings are more visible. Personal space comes in high doses here in this semi-desert area.

We are staying at the international guest house. It is a large concrete building with minimal decorations. We live in typical dorm-style rooms. In the “tv room” twelve plastic chairs congregate around a little television, using up about 35% of the space in the giant airy room. The faithful bathing bucket appears in the communal bathroom.

It doesn’t sound like much, but after our budget stays elsewhere, it is relaxing to have decent food served to us and a faucet that is capable of giving water too hot. The windows let in an inordinate amount of light and the doors to the patio are kept perpetually open so a breeze snakes throughout all the wide halls. The basic but comfortable accommodations lack distraction that I think will force me to concentrate on my school work.

A few other students have arrived already, and the rest should come tonight. Tomorrow morning we have orientation. After so much travel, it’s strange to imagine doing schoolwork and remaining stationary for the next six weeks. However, the city is a short cab ride away, so exploration will not be short supply. Apparently we have a supply of bicycles at our disposal, so I imagine I will spent the cool margins of my days on one of them riding through campus.


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4 responses to “We can stop telling people we are from Canada

  1. I’m digging this blog so hard. And I’m quietly amazed that you have time to write everything down amidst everything else that’s going on.

  2. katie – I’m so glad you and anne made it! yea for hyderabad!!! thanks for all of your posts…

  3. oh yes. adventures will come in large doses, indeed.

  4. Aubrey

    I, too, love your blog. Fantastic. And I love the additional entries you just posted. Consider the gaps well filled!

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