Lonely Plan It

This blog is temporarily suspended for adventure!

On last minute notice, I have entered India alone. I will be visiting some old friends and some new ones if I can ever figure out how to  lift up my feet while carting the exactly 25 kg of luggage I somehow acquired.

Satish encouraged me before leaving Hyderabad by saying I would surely discover the difference between a tourist and a traveler. With this advice not yet 24 hours fresh in my ears, I have already used my print sheet as a make-shift curtain, my wrap-skirt as a blanket, and my broken English as a weapon to access closed-off street, find a room fully-booked hotel, and yell I know you are a scam! at the orange-uniformed ‘officials’ outside of the New Delhi Railway Station.`My how times have changed. In two months my face has hardened to determination and my stomach to strange dishes that streak the whole geography of plates in leftovers the same color and stripe of the Indian flag . My wardrobe also contains a disproportionate amount of Aladdin pants. My arms and shoulders, sore from the day’s confinement of straps and handles and broken wheels, tell me a good traveler knows which ones to abandon.

Tomorrow’s task. Now,  a hot shower after the long midnight train and motionless sleep.


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2 responses to “Lonely Plan It

  1. My heart aches so badly to be back there with you. I don’t think you have any idea.

  2. And way to push yourself through! Those guys in orange suits have got nothing on you!

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